Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Automatic Number Plate Recognition can be used for a number of applications, from congestion monitoring to crime prevention. The system uses a unique “plate finder” which locates and selects the best image as a vehicle passes through the field of view. Images of the number plate of vehicles are captured by video cameras and can be checked against a database for monitoring travel times on a busy road network, or locating stolen / suspect vehicles. The ANPR camera comes in a number of models to suit all applications whether fixed or mobile.

PIPS Technology’s camera design suppresses all of these external lighting sources, returning the light from the plate reflection via the camera’s internal illuminator. PIPS camera / illuminator systems have a ring of infra-red (IR) LEDs surrounding a high sensitivity camera, all housed in a single waterproof housing. Using a patented filter / flash technique, PIPS is able to obtain bright illumination of the plate, while filtering out glare from external sources.

ANPR systems can also detect the Hazard plate on vehicles carrying hazardous loads so as to flag this information to a road or tunnel operator where there is risk to that vehicle or other road users. This is particularly the case in tunnels where an incident occurs and the response team require information on what hazards are within the tunnel.

The ANPR concept is also available in a self contained trailer which allows for the gathering of data either independently or over a length of road using two trailers with a GSM or GPRS link.

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