Traffic Control


The ITC-2 traffic controller is modular in design and can be configured for all types of intersections. Using TCP/IP or 3G modem it can be directly connected to many different control and monitoring systems.

The controller can be delivered in three different sizes depending on the number of signal groups required. For normal intersections the 3U rack with 16 signal groups and 32 detectors are offered. For larger intersections, or for covering more than one intersection, there are versions with 32 and 64 signal groups and 80 detectors. All configurations are available in LV (230v) and ELV (42V).



The ITC-2 Mini is a low-cost version of the ITC-2 Controller. This mini-version is a cost-effective choice for small intersections and pedestrian crossings, providing the same modular design and flexibility of ITC-2.

ITC-2 Mini has four signal groups and can be installed on a DIN-rail in a small cabinet and is available in LV (230v) and ELV (42v) options.



TYCO Eclipse Controller

The Eclipse controller combines microprocessor technology with the very best in quality manufacturing standards. To perform in the most demanding conditions, the Eclipse is designed to be outstandingly reliable – proven by various through independent field studies.

The Eclipse controller comes in 8, 16, 24 and 32 signal group configurations and can be easily configured to manage intersections from small and simple intersections to large and complex intersections
The Eclipse can operate in standalone mode or in an integrated traffic control network and is RTA TSC4 type approved and SCATS (Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System) compatible. It has improved maintenance scheduling through performing continuous comprehensive self checking with exterior fault logging. In addition, automatic lamp monitoring detects and notifies lamp failure(s) of any colour and signal group.

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