_DSC7357The OMNIA Platform from SWARCO is a state-of-the-art solution for the integrated road transport environment. Its modularity and scalability means that it can be successfully adopted for large-scale systems with many applications already installed as well as cities and regions at an early stage of ITS development.

Integrated Environment 
OMNIA offers a high level framework which provides a single access point for all the component systems and support for the whole life cycle of a system: implementation, operation, updating and planning.

Any ITS Application Can Be Simply “Plugged In”
OMNIA’s open architecture means that any ITS application (Urban Traffic Control, Public Transport, Parking, Streetlights, VMS, etc) can be integrated within the platform, independently of the supplier or technology.

Tailored To Your Specific Needs
OMNIA enables any city or region to build its own “made to measure” ITS environment. It is possible to add new ITS applications when required and also to modify the services associated with existing applications.

Easy-To-Use Graphical Interface
One of OMNIA’s strongest features is the exceptionally flexible and user-friendly graphical interface which is also multilingual. The clear graphics allow rapid and intuitive interpretation of the real-time status of the network. An operator can view single or multiple windows, and zoom in for full details of any of the systems.

Distributed Databases
The platform collects real time data and uses it not only to manage operations but also to model and forecast mobility demand. This gives all applications access to high quality data, which is also available to operators and city managers for their strategic planning. The DBs themselves remain independent in order to keep the system open and flexible.

Enbedded Traffic Monitoring
OMNIA offers embedded functionalities for advanced traffic monitoring which includes traffic data and system component diagnostics.

All the traffic measures (traffic volumes, speed, etc) and traffic related data (e.g. signal plan, clearance capacity, turning proportions) are gathered and stored in the central system archive together with their estimated statistical profiles.

The diagnostic status is constantly updated for all system components. This data is stored and made available through dedicated screens and detailed reports. Availability indicators are calculated to support maintenance and automatic alarms are generated when problems are identified.

A Cost-Effective Solution For The Future
OMNIA is a strategic investment for both the present and the future. Its effectiveness in managing ITS applications brings immediate returns as well as long term benefits due to the support it gives in strategic planning. The ease of extending the platform to include new applications means that future extensions come at a lower cost.

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