Pedestrian Counting

Slab Sensors

This is a permanent sensor used to count pedestrians in natural or urban parks. Otherwise know as “Acoustic Slab Sensor”, it is accurate, invisible and unaffected by external interferance. It’s minimum sensitivity is 10 Kg (22lb), equivelent to a child.

 How it works:

It works by installing one or more underground slabs sensitive to Micro-Variations in pressure which detect footsteps. A timer system prevents over counting if a pedestrian steps on the timer twice. For wide passages the dimensions and spacing of the slabs can count people walking alongside each other, while maintaning +/- 5% accuracy.


All grounds except rocky soil, such as:

  • Hiking trails
  • Public parks
  • Paved surfaces
  • Towpaths and semi-urban footpaths (stabilized)


In preparing the ground, dig the hole 5 to 10cm deep. After placing the slab, fill back in the hole with the original material ensuring that no sharp rocks are in touch with the slab or tube. installation should only take between 30 minutes and one hour depending on the type and condition of the ground.



Pyroelectric Sensor

The Pyro Sensor is applicable for Pedestrian counting in urban and green-way areas. Mobile and easy to monitor, it is suitable for counting pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders. It facilitates seperate counting of multiple people passing in close proximity. To prevent vandalism the sensor maybe concealed within the surrounding environment, such as; street furniture, fence post, etc.


Pyro system is particularly suited for:


  • Highly eroded or very hard ground
  • Temporary counting (equipment can be moved easily)
  • Pedestrian counting on snow covered ground
  • Mixed traffic counting (pedestrians, bikers, Inline skaters)
  • Urban counting (pedestrianised shopping areas)


The patented Pyro range developed by the Eco-counter include the following features:

  • Four threshold technology: eliminates false counts generated by movement of vegitation, rain or direct sun light. Using a sophisticated algorithm, every pass is analysed at 4 points to ensure accruacy.
  • Double direction vertical technology: developed and patented by Eco-counter, this unique technology allows for the discrimination of direction. The two cells differentiate counting and direction, each having a separate role. This cell functions in any temperature, even when the outdoor temperature is higher than that of the person being detected.
  • Integral envelope: the whole system is molded in one piece using a special material so as to protect the sensor.

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