Video Detection


TrafiCamTraficam vehicle presence sensors combine a camera and video detection technology in one. Primarily used for stop bar and advance detection at signalized intersections, this small sensor detects vehicles at traffic signals better, more discretely and more economically than other presence detectors as radar, infrared or loops.

The goal of deploying such technology is to better manage traffic at intersections: to turn traffic light controllers into active management devices. The controller program can be optimized so that it reacts to various scenarios as needed. Vehicle actuated signals go a long way to reducing waiting time, thereby increasing throughput on the network.


xStreamTrafiCam x-stream is an integrated camera and detector offering vehicle presence detection and traffic data collection with video compression up to H.264.

TrafiCam x-stream offers detection and monitoring of moving and stationary vehicles at signalized intersections. Via detection outputs or via IP protocol, vehicle presence information is transmitted to the traffic controller so that signal timing can be adjusted dynamically. This results in reduced waiting time, improved traffic flow and less pollution.

TrafiCam x-stream is also a cost effective solution for traffic data collection, queue detection and traffic flow monitoring on highways and inter-urban roads. It can be used for temporary or permanent applications.

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