Access Barriers

402Series 400 Servo Motor Barriers

Set to become the industry standard, the Servo Motor Barrier has been specifically designed to overcome the shortcomings of most currently available equipment.

A fast, strong, thoroughly developed barrier, packed with features makes this the most versatile, cost effective, high quality barrier system available.

Utilising the latest servo motor technology for ultra reliability, it is designed as a standardised unit incorporating real flexibility of configuration. The Broughton Controls Servo Motor Barrier fulfils the majority of barrier requirements without compromising on performance or the need for specially ordered options and configurations.
410Series 410 HSB – Heavy Duty Barriers

Immense strength and Electro-hydraulic operation have been designed into the Series 410 Heavy Duty Vehicle Barriers making them ideal for high-vandal, unsupervised applications, with the performance required for the highest usage sites.

Arm lengths of up to 9m as standard, and a range of heavy-duty options including raised ‘apex’ traffic signs make these ideal for use with HGVs. A ‘Hi-sec’ version (Series 420) that features full height anti-pedestrian skirts is also available.

Multi-layer protective coatings make these suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications in the harshest external environments. Programmable solid state control combines simplicity, reliability and ease of maintenance.
420Series 420 ‘Hi-Sec’ – High Security Barriers

Based on the tremendously successful Series 410 design, the Series 420 has the added benefit of very strong, full height anti-pedestrian skirts both above and below the arm.

The side mounted arm allows the skirts to be fitted along the full length without any gaps, giving it the speed of operation of a barrier with the strength and security approaching that of a gate.

The Series 420 shares the same reliable hydro-electric operation and multi-layer protective coating as the Series 410 making it ideal for high vandal, unsupervised applications and has the performance required for the highest usage industrial, commercial or military sites.


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